terms of service

Last Updated on April 10, 2020

Terms of Service

TSBP Academy has made sincere efforts to create an exhaustive course to ensure students a solid foundation to grow their business. However, the academy does guarantee success in digital marketing and social media advertising for all those who enroll for our course. 

TSBP Academy does not guarantee to make you an expert in the subject. Getting good results for your own business or your clients’ business is your sole responsibility, and will be the outcome of how you apply the course lessons.

TSBP Academy is also not responsible for finding you clients to grow your business. We will provide access to our exclusive Facebook group as a support tool; however, making judicious use of the resources will be your responsibility.

Refund Policy

Like any other college or university course, TSBP Academy does not offer a refund. Please note that attending our webinars offers you access to sensitive, copyrighted content, so we cannot offer a refund, just as you cannot undo what you have seen.

TSBP Academy is also building a community of committed professionals; anyone signing up for the course is making a commitment to become a part of that community.