Facebook Ads Training:

Guided from scratch to finish! 

Learn everything you need to know to run successful Facebook ad campaigns in a Live Webinar with two Certified Facebook Lead Trainers with 8+ years of industry experience. 

I highly recommend TSBP Academy if you want to get started with Facebook/Instagram ads.

Rachit and Harshith take you through a live demonstration of ad setup, best practices and tools you can use to get up and running in no time. The examples shared are from campaigns they have successfully run for clients. Their expertise across industries makes this course unique, and it will definitely give you the upper hand.”

Abhilash Jain

Client Success Manager, MoEngage

*limited seats per batch

  • The webinar link will be shared with you via email after purchase.
  • This webinar will not be pre-recorded; instead it will be a live, practical demonstration and interaction with the trainers.
  • The product cost includes the live webinar itself, a recording of the webinar, as well as post-course support and other bonuses. See Course Details and What It Includes to know more.

#002 | Facebook Ads Live! | 4th, 6th and 8th June - SOLD OUT

Session 1 

Thursday, 4th June, 2020

Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Session 2 

Saturday, 6th June, 2020 

Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Session 3

Monday, 8th June, 2020

Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

*Webinar link will be shared after purchase (Limited number of registrations per batch) 




#003 | Facebook Ads Live! | 17th, 19th and 21st June

Session 1 

Wednesday, 17th June, 2020

Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Session 2 

Friday, 19th June, 2020 

Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Session 3

Sunday, 21th June, 2020

Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

*Webinar link will be shared after purchase (Limited number of registrations per batch) 


about the course

Did you know that you can reach out to thousands of people with only a few hundred rupees, or as much as you would spend on a meal at McDonalds?  As digital marketers, we use social media ads to help businesses grow. And now we want to show you how to do just that without having to rely on external help.

In this value-for-money course, we will help you get acquainted with the Facebook (& Instagram) Ads Dashboard. You will learn from scratch how to create and set up ads to maximise conversion. You will also learn how to plan and execute a campaign.

Moreover, real-life case studies will give you actionable insights for your own business objectives. You will learn to utilise your budget efficiently and cost-effectively so you can reach the right audience while expending the least amount of resources possible. 

Social media ads are an indispensable tool for anyone with a product or a service to offer, but hiring an agency or even a freelancer means an added running cost of Rs 10,000/- to Rs 40,000/- ($200 to $800) or more a month! So why not make a valuable investment in learning a skill that will give you great dividends for years to come.  

What You Will Need

The beauty of digital marketing is how little you need to get going! For this course, all you will need are:

  • A Laptop or a PC
  • Internet Access
  • A Credit Card (Optional. Only for those who would like to create their own ad account and practice setting up ads during the course.)
Who Is This Course For
  • You are a small- to medium-sized business owner hoping to take your business to the next level, but you lack the resources to invest in a full-time digital marketing team. This course will serve as a one-time investment that will reap you many long-term benefits.
  • You are a freelancer that understands the power of digital marketing but you do not have the know-how to run ads for your own brand. 
  • You are a college student or a young professional who has grown up in the era of social media and now you want to know all there is about this powerful medium to take your career to the next level.
  • You are a start-up that wants to build on its in-house skills, then this course will give you everything you need to fire up your own marketing team.
  • You are an independent entrepreneur, perhaps a homebaker, a designer, a social media influencer, a fitness coach, who wants to not have to rely on a bigger brand name to find an audience. 
  • You are an aspiring digital marketer wanting to learn beyond what the regular social media ads course has to offer.

You could be just anyone wanting to learn about the fascinating world of social media advertising and gain a glimpse into the latest digital marketing and advertising trends.

Course Content



Facebook Business Manager

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Instagram Business Profile
  • Ad Account
  • Facebook Pixel

Campaign Strategy

  • The Sales Funnel
  • Cold, Warm, Hot Audiences

Facebook Advertising Policies

  • Ad Copy – Dos & Don’ts
  • The 20% Text Rule 

Facebook Audiences

  • Custom Audiences 
  • Lookalike Audiences 
  • Interest-based Audiences


Ad Account Structure

Campaign Objectives – An Overview

Campaign Budget Optimisation


  • Targeting (Audience)
  • Placement
  • Budget & Schedule
  • Optimisation

Ad Format

  • Messaging
  • Ad Creative
  • Ad Copy
  • Call to Action

Ad Review

Duplicating Adsets

Competitor Research


Analysing An Ad Campaign

  • Troubleshooting
  • Ad Rejection
  • Optimising
  • Scaling

Facebook Analytics

  • Facebook Page Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel Analytics
  • Creating A Funnel

Facebook Attribution

Facebook Ad Reporting

Messenger Ad Bot

(See Tab)




For Aspiring Digital Marketers

  • Billing Models: Setting Billing Standards
  • Onboarding Clients: Best Practices
  • Transferring Assets Between Agencies: Best Practices
  • Business Development: How to Find Clients
  • Making A Digital Marketing Proposal

For Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

  • Metrics/Expectations When Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency
  • Digital Marketing Proposal: What to Expect
  • Transferring Assets Between Agencies: Best Practices


What it includes


Three 2-hour sessions with Q&A


Live demos, real-life case studies and latest industry insights


Support via email for two weeks post course


Exclusive Access to a Facebook group post course

Attended a few sessions with TSBP Academy on Facebook and Instagram advertising and I’m surprised to learn of all the features and concepts I wasn’t aware of even though I belong to the same field. 

Rachit and Harshith took me through more efficient approaches to set up campaigns which were very simple to understand!

I bothered them with many questions (which I thought were silly) throughout the session and they helped me understand it with demonstrations during the live session.

This was definitely worth it!.”

Talia Praveen

Campaign Manager, Forbes

How We’ve Helped Our Clients

  • This was a campaign to promote a self-help book on public speaking called Speechless, co-authored by Roshan Abbas & Siddharth Banerjee. To help the book become an Amazon Bestseller, the objective was for the book to rank #1 or as high as possible on as many Amazon categories.
  • The challenge was that we were promoting a product on a third-party website (Amazon), which meant we had no access to any conversion metrics (i.e. data on Add to Cart, Purchases, etc.).
  • However, we still found ways (which we will only disclose over the Webinar) to promote the book on Amazon via Facebook & Instagram Ads that ultimately improved sales figures, as well as the book's ranking in a number of categories.


1. We managed the online marketing and social media for Asia’s Largest TEDx event, the TEDxGateway held in Mumbai on 23rd February 2020.
TEDx Shashi Tharoor              
2. We promoted two editions of Kommune's Spoken Fest  Delhi’s first edition in December 2019 and Mumbai’s third edition in January 2020  both of which generated a collective footfall of over 15,000.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

3. We worked with The Fittest League, India's first competitive fitness platform, to promote weekly editions of Gully Fitness, which were locality based CrossFit events aimed at building a larger fitness community.

4. We sold out all tickets for Mehfil, an event held in April 2019, organised by Kommune, a platform for performers and performing arts.                                           

5. We have promoted multiple Spoken Word based events in and around Mumbai for Kommune.


6. Between December 2018 and April 2019, we marketed
 60+ house parties for Mumbai-based Beatmap, a niche concept for the urban youth. We helped them scale to 2-3 parties a week and expand to Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad.


7. We have worked with Dysco, a professional networking platform, to promote Mind the Gap via Facebook & Instagram Ads & Email Marketing, an event that brought together creative minds and professionals to discuss gender equality within professions and workplaces.   

 Ankur Tewari - Dysco

8. We worked with Raell Padamsee’s ACE Productions to promote a number of their shows, including The Sound Of Music, The Epic, How I Met Your Father, featuring Cyrus Broacha, and many more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • This was a Retargeting Campaign directed at all Adds to Cart (in the last 15 days), excluding the Purchasers, with an ad creative specifically designed for that audience reminding them of their pending purchase. We achieved 10.5 X Return on Ad Spend.                                                                                                                 
  • We kept a short sales period so we could build a sense of urgency in the potential buyers and ran ads only to a hot audience, i.e. those who had already shown interest in the product by Adding to Cart, which gave us strong conversion rates.
  • From February 2019 to March 2020, we earned  6.15 X Return on Ad Spend for this Fitness & Health Supplement brand.

1. One of our clients is a Yoga Teacher Training School franchise based in Rishikesh and Goa. Their target audience is a broad base of foreign nationals from across the world.

To generate leads for their school in Goa, we ran Facebook ads to a cold audience for brand awareness with creatives that highlighted the key features of the yoga school; followed by ads with testimonials to build trust with the warm audience, i.e. those who showed an interest in the first set of ads.

For a product worth Rs 90,000, we achieved an Average Cost Per Lead of Rs 1,400 with a conversion rate of more than 60%. The client earned their Return on Investment within the first week of each month.



2. The following was the result of a campaign we ran to generate high-quality leads for an event for our client Beatmap, an offline social networking platform for the urban youth.

The results show that for a ticket price of Rs 500, we had an Average Cost Per Lead of Rs 20 with a conversion rate of almost 100% i.e. almost all the leads we generated for our client ended up converting into a paying customer.


Lead Generation Specialist



Meet your trainers

Rachit Hegde

Co-Founder & Digital Marketing Head at
The Small Business Project

Certified Facebook Lead Trainer

Rachit Hegde is a Startup Consultant, Business Development and Digital Marketing Specialist who is always in step with the ever-evolving digital marketing industry. He has devised creative solutions to tricky business problems for many clients from various industries for over half a decade. 

With his vision to transform small businesses through the magic of digital marketing, he has helped many small and medium businesses scale by reaching out to the right audience and driving each lead through to conversion – all of this has given him a keen eye for zoning in on what makes a business tick.

Rachit has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master-Level Certification in Digital Marketing from Digital Vidya. He is also a Certified Facebook Lead Trainer.


Harshith Bangera

Digital Marketing Manager at
The Small Business Project

 Certified Facebook Lead Trainer

As Digital Marketing Manager at The Small Business Project, Harshith Bangera is at the helm of numerous social media marketing campaigns for brands and businesses across industries. 

Over the last three years, he has specialised in developing cross-platform marketing funnels, e-commerce marketing, inbound strategies, customer acquisition and customer value optimisation for various businesses. While he is not cracking numbers and developing ad strategies, he's also a CrossFit enthusiast and a long-distance runner. 

This computer science & engineering graduate-turned digital marketer is also a Certified Facebook Lead Trainer.



What Sets Us Apart


From a few hundred rupees (a few dollars) to monthly budgets of 15 Lakhs ($20,000), we’ve tried and tested ad campaigns for a variety of industries, including education, food & beverages, hospitality, social work, e-commerce businesses, jewellery, healthcare, skincare, fitness, technology & home products. We have even marketed for a number of events in the theatre space, music concerts, house parties, Kommune’s Spoken Fest, and most recently, Asia’s largest TEDx event, the TEDxGateway, in Mumbai.

 Over the years, we’ve had big wins, learnt from our losses and we are now giving away our trade secrets in an easily digestible, affordable crash course – basically, something we wish we had access to when we were starting out. What’s more, we will even provide email support post course completion and help you connect with other businesses and digital marketers.

Industry Experience

Live Demonstration


Q&A Sessions

Real-Life Case Studies

Email Support

People Who Have Worked With Us Say

“I can proudly say that I have had a steep increase in revenue ever since I have signed up with them. The TSBP team puts in a lot of effort for every single one of our events and gets us maximum traction on social media, so we can get maximum walkins at our business. Their expertise with paid promotions on Facebook & Instagram is fabulous & they always spend under the budget allocated to them. They do their targeting wisely, aiming for the right audience rather than the masses who may not be relevant to the business.”

Nikhil Suresh

Business Owner, Hopscotch Resto Pub

DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated on this website, during the webinar or in the presentation are TSBP sales figures, and are for reference purposes only. Simply undertaking our course does not guarantee you similar or better results. The outcome of the course is subject to every individual and we do not guarantee overnight success or extraordinary growth.

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