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About us

At The Small Business Project, we work primarily on Performance Marketing, which involves the designing, setting up and running of ads for a variety of businesses, ranging from healthcare, hospitality, fitness, e-commerce, education and events, such as this year’s Mumbai & Delhi editions of the Spoken Fest, and most recently, Asia’s largest TEDx conference, the TEDxGateway in Mumbai.

We have always been driven by our desire to empower small- and medium-sized businesses, and so we have launched a series of online marketing courses that will teach you how to apply learnings from our first-hand experiences of having worked with many such businesses over our four-year journey.

The courses will be conducted by The Small Business Project Co-Founder Rachit Hegde and Digital Marketing Manager Harshith Bangera, who are also Certified Facebook Lead Trainers. Ever eager to find a solution to any and every business problem, they now want to empower business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs or absolutely anyone who wishes to learn by sharing their experiences, secrets, tips and tricks to help scale their business.

Our Courses

In this course, you will get acquainted with the Facebook (& Instagram) Ads Dashboard, and learn how to set up ads to maximise conversion. You will also learn how to plan and execute a campaign, with real-life case studies that will give you actionable insights for your own business objectives.

In this short, easy-to-follow and affordable course, you will gain an insight into the various platforms available to you in the digital space, and the various marketing strategies you can apply (with real-life case studies) to target customers and find an audience.

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